Our Curriculum

Shah-e-Hamadan Public High School is committed to delivering high quality education for all. Our curriculum encourages a student-centered approach where learners have an active role in their learning process and develop the skills and ability to make a significant contribution to society. Shah-e-Hamadan Public High School curriculum and methodology is designed specifically to ensure a smooth transition in teaching and learning from the primary sector through the middle years and on to the final two years of the public examinations’ syllabus. Students are encouraged to learn new skills, take responsibility, assume leadership, work under a leader, organise events, conduct programmes and experience real-life situations.

We offer an exciting and motivating curriculum that engages children in their learning and progress.  This means offering a curriculum that is fit for this purpose and is meaningful to the children. The emphasis is on teaching through engaging topics, where creative learning is linked through exciting and relevant contexts that meet the different interests and needs of our children.  Teachers support the children’s learning, using their knowledge and skill to make a difference to every child.

Click here to download the list of subject books taught in our school. Textbooks and school notebooks are available at all the major book depots of Naushera.